6 Stretches You Should Be Doing Every Day

runners stretch

  1. Runner’s stretch

Kneel on the floor with both legs together. Step one foot forward so that you’re in a low lunge with your back leg still on the floor. Make sure to keep your knee at 90 degrees directly above your ankle, but not past it. You will feel a nice stretch in your quad and hip flexor. Switch legs and do the other side.

supine spinal twist stretch

  1. Supine spinal twist

Lie on the floor face up with legs stretched out. Bring your left knee to your chest and hold it with your right hand. Gently stretch your leg across your chest keeping your shoulders firmly planted on the ground. You will feel a stretch through your IT band and in your low back. Switch legs to do the right side as well.

forward bend stretch

  1. Forward bend

Stand with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent (straight, but not locked out). Fold at the hips letting your chest fall over your thighs. For more of a low-back stretch bend your knees a little more and for hamstring stretch, begin to straighten your legs more, never locking your knees. You can choose to either hang your arms down or interlock opposite elbows. Or for a shoulder and chest opener you can interlock your fingers behind you and straighten your arms bringing them forward over your head.

reclining pigeon stretch

  1. Reclining pigeon

One of my favorite stretches (for obvious reasons). Lie on the floor face up with knees bent at 45 degrees. Cross right leg over your left knee and bring both knees into your chest. If possible thread your right arm through your knees to grab your left shin and grab your other hand to bring knees closer. Switch legs and do the other side.

cobra stretch

  1. Upward facing dog/cobra

Lie on the floor face down. Bring hands directly underneath shoulders right about at chest level. Push up as much as possible, while keeping your hips on the ground and your core engaged. Try to bring your shoulder blades together as you open up your chest.

  1. Child’s pose

My second favorite pose (it just feels sooooo good)! Begin on the floor on hands and knees. Keep your big toes together and point your knees slightly outward. Push back onto your hips so that your hips are resting on heels, keeping your arms stretched out in front of you. Rest your head on the ground taking deep breaths in and out.

Your body will thank you!

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