Tips for Training for a Race or Run

Hello everyone! I hope today finds you well and you have had a wonderful 2017 so far. While I was looking around for inspiration for subject matter for this edition, I started noticing a lot of my friends, patients and people around me are training for races. Spring seems to be the time for races and fun runs! So, I thought a good idea would be to provide some tips for training for a race or run. Whether it’s your first one or you’re a seasoned marathoner, here are a few tips to keep it moving during your journey! As always, if you need any help, suggestions or anything please ask me! Good luck!

1. Build Up

When you’re first starting out, it’s important to start small and build up. Start with your regular runs and at the end, add 2-3 minutes of an increased pace to build stamina. After your cool down, add a plank to build your core. A strong core is imperative to proper form. After a couple weeks, start adding hills to your runs to increase difficulty and start using different muscles to build strength.

2. Stretch

Make sure after your runs you are doing some stretching following your cool downs. It is important to stretch your entire body and not to neglect your arms and shoulders. Many runners focus on stretching their leg muscles and forget about their upper body. Try to incorporate a yoga or Pilates class once per week to get some good stretching in.

3. Take breaks

It is very important to schedule a rest day into your running regime. Your body needs time to recuperate from the beatings it is taking everyday in order to avoid injury and keep your muscles from getting depleted. Also, be sure to honor your body. For example sometimes your body says it wants to stop and walk for the next 3 miles, but honor it by challenging yourself to run for 2 and walk for 1.

Here are just a few tips to say healthy and injury free during your training. Whether your goal is to get more fit and healthy or try something new, keep going! In additiion, keeping up with acupuncture treatments will help maintain your body as well, so you know where to find me! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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