-Acupuncture can help all kinds of ailments. Most people know that acupuncture works wonderfully for things like pain and sports injuries, but did you know acupuncture could help your cold go away sooner? Or help with digestive issues? Many acupuncturists specialize in infertility for both men and women and one of my specializations is facial rejuvenation, which is a great alternative to cosmetic procedures, such as, Botox and Juvederm. It can also help with mental and emotional disorders, such as stress and anxiety and depression, as well as, things like Migraines and headaches and even vertigo.
-Acupuncture works by stimulating points along your body to activate your qi and other fluids inside your body. Your body, as a whole, likes to be at a perfect balance (think of a yin/yang symbol that we’ve all seen somewhere or another). When things like qi (your body’s energy), blood and other fluids get out of balance, this is when we realize pain, discomfort, illness, etc. You also have channels, or meridians, running throughout your body, which contain points all throughout them. When an acupuncture needle is placed on a point, it activates that point in order to stimulate the qi of that point to redirect it to correct the imbalance. Basically, the needles are a conduit to direct your body to heal itself.
-The short answer is no, and it is actually quite relaxing. Occasionally, you may feel some soreness the next day, as your body is readjusting to its equilibrium-much like when you go to the gym and workout really hard, you may feel it the next day.
-Acupuncture works cumulatively to continue to build on your progress. Everyone is different, so there is no way to know how many treatments you will need until I am able to see and diagnose you. I will do an assessment for you highlighting your specific treatment plan, and it depends on the severity and longevity of your specific complaint, but usually between 3-6 treatments to address the initial complaint is necessary and from there one treatment per month for regular maintenance to keep your body in perfect balance.
-The needles acupuncturists use are small, disposable, stainless steel needles. They are about the width of a strand of hair. I don’t really think I need it. I’m not in any pain, what can acupuncture do for me? -Acupuncture can help so many aspects of your life, some of which, you might not even be aware you’re in need.  Even if you already feel great, I know I can help you feel better.